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Sorbican Products are 100% OrganicSORBICAN (DISTRIBUTION) supplies 100% natural, organic, absorbent products made from re-newable sources. We are the sole distributor for Spill-O-Sorb oil spill absorbent.

We serve business and residential clients in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe. Our products are also available from Distributors across Europe.

Our broad knowledge and experience of oil spill clean-up enables us to advise should you have an oil or chemical spill problem. We also provide contract services for oil spill clean up and give free advice by telephone to our customers on oil or chemical spill problems. We are on call 24 hours.

We welcome enquiries from businesses who are interested in selling our products


  Oil Eater v Clay Granules

Just one 25kg bag of Spill-O-Sorb (shown held above) will deal with 200ltrs of oil. The equivalent task using clay granules requires 1,000kg of clay granules (shown on pallet above). Clay granules will not retrieve oil on water, making Spill-O-Sorb 100% better value.

Spill-O-Sorb, being 40 times lighter and 30% cheaper than the equivalent amount of clay granules requires a fraction of the storage space and can be handled more easily.

Oil EaterOil Eater Kit 3

For food manufacturers, grocers and supermarkets.
Eurocob - The natural, organic absorbent for vegetable oil spills and other liquid food spills.

eurocob vegetable oil absorbent

Please call for more information.


Sorbican Distribution have supplied oil and chemical spill clean up services for over 15 years.

No Job Too Small

Oil Eater in action on land

Oil Eater in action on water

We also give free advice by telephone to our customers on oil or chemical spill problems.

We also carry out work on sign cleaning and concrete slab cleaning.



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